Friday, October 17, 2008

Some pics and 3 new additions.. Again T_T...

Gave them kiwi and jackfruit.. but they only nibbled afew seconds and left the fruits alone.. next day flies came.. so threw all away..

Here's one of the 3 new hermits..

Here's another hermit that I bought.. I loved the black and white limbs it has.. Did not take a pic of the other hermit as it changed shell the moment I put it into the tank.. and was lazy to retake.. and the first pic was blur -_-;; haha.

Here's what happened when I put too many hermit on tray level 2.. They started climbing all over each other.. :)

Sigh.. Total Number of Hermits as of TODAY!!! = 14..
Went to the shop wanting to just get some shells.. but everytime ended up getting more hermits.. T_T.. HAHHAHA..

Oh well.. Hope they enjoys each others company lol
cya all

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Updates for the past few days :P

Sorry Posts has not been added regularly :).. sometimes I'm either too tired, or I simply forgot to post for that day :P

Anywayz here's some pics on ... What else? Hermits :) and some taglines on stuff they did.

The only hermit which came forward to eat the grapes, ate only for 5 minutes and left.. guess it prefers jackfruit which it spent at least 5 hours eating :).. the rest did not even bother going to eat the grape.

My 2 largest hermits, 1 in peatmoss, the other in the food dish.. look at it take up almost 40% of the entire food dish just by sitting in it!

Finally after days of wondering if sand is okay for them to dig in, this fella actually managed to dig right under the water dish. But he messed up my colour pattern.. Oh well :).

Other crabs also started digging on the same day too :) notice the messed up colours under the bridge :).

I bought a plastic divider for use as a divider and cut it to fit the tank nicely, after which I wrapped the entire divider in saran wrap to keep in the humidity :).. I'm rather proud of it... except for the messy saran wrapping :)

Thats all the pics I took.. And Next Up.. A Video :)

Heres a video of Hermit Eating Grape

Friday, October 10, 2008

3 New Additions To The Family

Grand Total as of today: 11.. Woo

And here they are.. 1's a medium speedster.. another 2 are shy giants.. until they got into the tank :)
Here's the new 3

Heres the speedster caught :)

Heres one of the gentle giant

Here's the other

Having a nice gathering of new and old hermits at the pool.

P.S. The speedster changed shell a minute after it was added into the tank.. It now uses a large green shell.. Talk about fast.. lol

Here's some videos

1 of the gentle GIANTS :)

Gathering By The Pool.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Aftermath of rubbing away sticker on water and food dish... And Treat For Today!!!

*sings* Nobody knows.. the troubles I feel....

So here's proof WAKAKKA

Gave them jackfruit.. appears only my largest 2 crabs love it.. and only my white crab has the appetite to eat since.. 8pm till now 12am.. approx 4 hours and still going strong at it..

Hmm no idea why this picture got rotated after upload.. oh well.. as long as crab and fruit is visible.. *shrug*

Next up is the Video *clap clap clap Wolf Whistle*

Btw I suspect this white shelled hermit has been bullying other crabs away... as some of them seem to crowd around nearby but none actually gone to peck at the food.. maybe they did while I was not watching.. but.. the white shelled hermit was actually sitting on top of the piece of jackfruit all the time. *shrug*.. biggest gets to feast I suppose.

Nite to all hermits and readers :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Nothing special today :)

hehe, actually abit lazy.. cos I see my hermits all being so lazy today :)..
All of them are so stoned today.. just sitting there all day long.. perhaps they'll move around more later hehe.

Hmm think maybe tomorrow I'll see if I can get them some fruits to perk them up :)

Thats all for today .. Good night all..
(V) (-^v^-) (V) hehe

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Crabs on the move...

Here's some updates for today :)

Crabbie out for a stroll along the sand.. they just look so peaceful walking slowly.. :)

Next up are some suspects who were caught digging the sand in the early morning.. But no charges were made.. as they removed all traces of digging and restored it to as it was. Anyway.. here are the evidence produced...

This little critter was caught digging around 0730 in the morning..

And here was his accomplice which dug at another location at the exact same time. Notice the large amount of sand behind him...

And finally our 3rd suspect who is either the crab in front or the one behind.. The suspect behind hiding in it's shell while the front suspect calmly stares at the camera.. Whether daring the cameraman, or blissfully unaware... we'll never know..

Anyway, Below are the 3 eco terra water and food dishes for them.. Apparently.. they like it.. judging from the amount of sand in them by evening time.. They should ought to say thank you instead of throwing 1 shell down from the shell tray per day.. ZZZ I even gotten blister on my thumb from rubbing the glue from the sticker on the dishes.. took me 30 min to get the glues on all 3 dishes totally off...

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Splurged $$$ on hermit's crabitat again T_T..

I bought new stuff for the hermits.. zzz I really gotta break this bad habit of mine.. spending more on them than on myself.. anyways the stuff I got are.. 2 hideouts( 1 too big for the tank.. but lucky its very cheap) and 2 water dishes and 1 feeding dish..(will post pics of these stuff tomorrow). The reason I got new water dishes, is that.. the current dish is rather small as in only 2 of them can fit in at a time, and it's not deep enough.. so i got these new dishes in hopes that they like it more :)